Financial and Investment Advisory

AGENPA supports companies and investors to acquire and finance agricultural and renewable energy projects. We work independent and result-driven. Our extensive market knowledge and rigourous investment analysis guarantees competent advisory and a successful transaction.



We offer investors the following services to realise growth:

  • Investment strategy: We elaborate together the focus and criteria for acquisations.
  • Investment analysis:  We complete individual feasibility studies and financial analyis on relevant targets to demonstrate the economic viability of specific investment projects and to present the case to stakeholders.
  • Investment appraisal: We carry out detailed due dilligence and identify risks and opportunities preparing the evalution and investment proposal.
  • Deal structure: We help to structure and negotiate the terms of the transaction and support the financing and implementation


We support entrepreneurs, project developers and companies to acquire capital:

  • Financing concepts: We elaborate together suitable financing options for both equity and debt. We prepare customised fundraising solutions according to the business plan and specific circumstances.
  • Financial analyisis: We prepare financial modelling to be presented to investors.
  • Access to investors: We identify a selection of suitable investors – including families, VC,  PE funds or instituitonal investors.
  • Investment presentation: We support the preparation and presentation of the economic and technical viable project to investors.
  • Deal structure: We help to structure, negotiate and assist towards the completion of the transaction.