Governance Advisory for sustainable projects

Worldwide there is a huge, un- or underexploited potential of renewable resources. AGENPA advises enterprises and investors conducting sustainable projects in the agricultural and bioenergy sector mainly in emerging and developing countries.

We develop concepts to improve the social sustainability of projects without compromising their economic viability.


Our experience in emerging and developing economies is essential to identify efficient solutions and implement appropriate CSR strategies. We develop contractual structures that offer the best possible results for all stakeholders. We support our clients in close cooperation with RCS Ltd (Resource Consulting Services). Our services include:


  • Assessment of the involved project stakeholders in regard to their political and economic interest
  • Economic impact assessment of the projects
  • Conflict resolution strategies in case of negotiations between investors and the local population
  • Assessment of political risks and risk reduction strategies
  • Elaboration of locally adapted contractual models and value chains linkages.