Market and feasibility studies

AGENPA offers economic advisory on the international markets for biofuels and bioenergy as well as its feedstocks. We provide in-depth analysis on developments in the rapidly growing sector. We work in close cooperation with LMC International Ltd who is the leading independent economic consultancy for the agribusiness sector around the world.

For our clients who include biofuel producers, oil and power companies, traders as well as investors and finance companies we provide insights on:

  • Price forecasts for soft commodities, biomass and biofuels
  • Feedstock¬†availability, price dynamics, sourcing strategies and risk management
  • Raw-material and processing costs
  • Feasibility studies¬†for new projects and investments
  • Assessment of policy changes on the market and profitability of the sector
  • Value chain analysis from the field to the food or energy market