Identification of Investment Opportunities

AGENPA identifies suitable green- or brownfield investment opportunities. In addition to our industry network and dedicated research in a respective region we can draw upon analysis based on GIS-based software. Such software applications provide detailed and powerful knowledge to optimise investment decisions especially for the commodity business, for which location is key to lower costs. Among others, our analysis can comprise the following:

  • Resource Availability and Plant Locations: We provide a localised assessment of the potential of agricultural and bioenergy resources. Subsequently, we identify optimal sourcing and processing locations.
  • Value Chain and Infrastructure Assessment: We assess upstream and downstream operation and the available infrastructure or required investments.
  • Transport Costs: Based on required processing quantities we can determine the related sourcing area and average costs of transport.
  • Impact of Different Scenarios: With the help of GIS-software we can simulate the detailed impacts of changing market or environmental conditions. For example we can show the effects of different precipitation levels or legislation on total supply and costs.

The GIS-based analysis is conducted in partnership with the IT software development-company ARGEO. We use open source software and develop own applications.